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The final mod should feature the following things:

- Total of 3 Acts, gameplay spanning around 10 hours, minimum.
- An original cast with unique illustrations made exclusively for OCP.
- Choice and consequence; your actions will have unforseen effects further down the road.
- Diplomacy as an option- some encounters can be resolved without relying on spells or weapons. Although, sometimes a kind word and a gun does help.
- Gameplay options for all classes and use of the in-built Etiquette system. Deckers can hack, riggers can employ their drones, shamans can summon forth spirits to do their bidding. Custom dialogue options from skill checks and classes.
- New threats unique to the campaign- so watch out!

Q: So, when is this mod going to be finished, then? Huh? Huh? Huh?

A: Estimated release in early 2016. Beyond that, can't say for sure. It'll be done when it's done.

The mod is currently being worked on by yours truly, with the aid of a few members of the community. I won't lie, I had a pretty rough ride for the past two years and it's taken it's toll on me, but I'm slowly getting back to the modding scene, heh, modding Scenes, if you like, so there is progress, but it's pretty much the efforts of a one-man-band at this point. So some delays are to be expected. All I ask is some patience.

I started working on OCP back in 2013 for Dead Man's Switch, and have then ported it twice for a current platform of the game. I currently have no plans on porting it for Hong Kong, due to the amount of hijinx this causes.

Q: Will the mod be freeroam / catering to all character classes etc?

A: The mod will be semi-freeroam, with hubs in each chapter and optional sidequests that can net you extra karma, nuyen or allies. There will be some interactions that are only available to shamans, deckers and riggers, just like in DMS. Expect at least drone vents, Matrix runs and summon spirits.

Q: Can I help you betatest this thing?

A: Absolutely! I'm currently taking in notes at the Steam Workshop on all possible bug reports, and as soon as I spot them there, I get around to trying to fix them for the next release! Be sure to include your name or callsign if you want to be credited once the mod's 1.0 version is released.

Q: Need help writing this thing?

A: Currently, the mod's plot outline and first Act have been completely finished, writing wise. I am working on Act2 & Act3 plot points and fine detail, and although I appreciate input in this regard, I have a set plan in motion, and certain trusted friends I consult in matters of writing and dialogue, so no additional help in this regard is required, thank you.

Q: Can I use the resources in the mod to make my own mod?

A: Depends. All the resources I've done for the mod are tailor-made for Operation Complex Prophet. Contact me and we'll talk.

I've poured countless hours into making some of the art for the mod- I'd appreciate if they'd stay in their intended use. I know I can't monitor or prohibit the usage of my resources, but would appreciate the common courtesy of not using my stuff without asking or providing credit and consideration for their intended purposes, since most of the cast are original characters for the OCP storyline. You can contact me and ask about using them in your own projects, of course.