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Pieces of Flare, general update on the Tunnel Maze MQ

Minor update, Dawn of the Dog

Old Seattle tunnels layout finished

Delay, entrance exams

Posted 17/12/2016

Hoi, chummers- wanted to let you know that there's a minor delay once again coming with the entrance exams. Seeking to take up a Bachelor's in Media and Arts next year, so I got to dedicate myself to acing the exams. Development is still continuing, albeit slowly, and will resume after I'm done with the pretasks required from me.

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Act 2 - Begun work on penultimate mission

Rat mission complete

Posted 14/10/2016

Finished working on the Rat Runts siege- finally got around a large pit on the road thanks to Kanada10 and his custom taser scripts. Will now move on to the second-to-last MQ mission for Act 2. Still many sidequests completely in the works, but the main storyline is almost done with. Huzzah.

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Depression and Development delays

Posted 6/9/2016

Hoi chummers. Just wanted you to know that the project is still alive, albeit a bit slowed down due a rather serious bout of depression I'm currently suffering. Still, convention season is over, so that at least clears the rest of my schedule. I'll try to get back on track on OCP Act 2 as soon as I manage to get myself back together.

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Rats siege finished

Posted 8/8/2016

Finished the Rats siege portion of the Rat Runts quest. Still got to finish the bossfight and implement the win condition. Haven't really used the tazer a lot in the game, hopefully I can manage to get the scripts to acknowledge it's use.

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Done laying down tiles for the Mafia / Vory sidequest

Minor lapse again

Posted 30/6/2016

Work halted for a time, having a deep depression period and a fairly vexing summer flu.

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